Houserules and Errata

1 – XP Is Handed Out, but not always.

2 – Action Point Usage (Daily Powers).

If a Player would like to insure that a Daily Power hits, he or she may expend an Action Point in order for that to happen. Because the hit is automatic, it prevents the hit from ever being critical in nature. An Action Point can only be used once per encounter. However, Action Point
effects (i.e. paragoan path class features) are not triggered by spending an Action Point in this way.

3 – Encounter Power Fallback.

If a Player misses his or her enemy with an Encounter Attack Power, the Player has the option to expend a Healing Surge and instead strike the enemy with a Melee or Ranged Basic Attack. This attack must be rolled, but the Character gains a +2 on the attack roll.

4 – Extended Rests Are More Challenging.

Extended Rests are a little more challenging in my game. Not every resting spot is a nice comfy inn or safe castle. I wrote all about how I changed it up right HERE.

5 – Casting Rituals above your level:

Succeed on Arcana (or other skill of focus) skill check of 15 +1/lvl ritual is above you.

6 – Blade Cascade:

Maxed out at 5 total attacks. Just like in DDI errata

7 – Polearms:

AoO only in adjacent squares. Pole-arm reach is OK for attacks, AoO only can occur in adjacent squares.

8 – Two-weapon fighting:

Takes a -2 penalty to all attacks, -4 w/o the 2-weap feat.

9 – Point-Buy Stats.

25 points, not 22. They are heroes damnit! But no stat starts above 18 w/o racial bonuses.

10 – Jumping

Adds squares to your movement, based on the DC (max ½ your speed)

11 – Coup de grace.

Deals bloodied value to creature…(makes stunning/helpless a big F-ing deal).

12 – Epic tier:

Play three shorter, story-based adventures at lvl 21, 26 and 30. Finishes out

Houserules 1-4 borrowed heavily from Dead Orcs Society

The Grand Adventures of WorkInProgress